My NVDA Remote Server

About NVDA

NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access, is a screen reader that allows blind and visually impaired to use computer independantly through speech and Braille.

NVDA remote

To connect to my NVDA remote server, do the following:

  1. Visit [NVDA Remote's website,](] and download a copy of NVDA remote add-on file if you haven't done so.
  2. Install the add-on.
  3. After you have the add-on install, do the following:
  4. Go to the NVDA menu, by pressing NVDA key+n.
  5. Go to tools menu, and select remote sub menu.
  6. Open the sub menu, and press enter on connect.
  7. In the host field, enter
  8. port: 6837.
  9. Specify your key, or tab to generate key button, and press space bar to have the server automatically generates the key for you.
  10. Hit Ok.